Relaxation massages at day&night de Pijp

Afbeelding 1: Ontspanningsmassage in de pijp
Afbeelding 2: Ontspanningsmassage in de Pijp
Ontspanningsmassage de Pijp

Relaxation massages at day&night de Pijp

At day&night massage in de Pijp we have different body massages. The aim of our relaxation massages is to relax the skin and muscles. Our masseuses do this by means of soft to firm kneading, stroking and friction. This will stimulate blood flow, just like the tissues. In addition, waste is removed. It also improves muscles and metabolism.

Various relaxation massages de Pijp

There is something available for everyone who is looking for relaxation at day&night. We offer various relaxation massages such as: a Hot stone massage, an Aromatherapy massage or a Herbal stamp massage.

Hot stone massage

For our hot stone massage we use warm basalt stones. This stimulates positive self-healing of the body. In addition, it has a detoxifying effect. This then brings the body back into balance.

Have a look here for more information about our Hot stone massage.

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy is a soothing classical massage with pure and organic essential oils. This massage is tailored to your personal needs.

Read more information about our Aromatherapy massage here.

Herbal stamp massage

The herbal stamp massage from day&night is our for optimal deep cleansing. This massage restores the balance between body and mind.

Find more information about our Herbal Stamp massage here.

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